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What is MPC’s Brand?

When you hear/think of MPC…what do you think of?

Thanks for your input!


7 Responses to “What is MPC’s Brand?”

  1. jjharris said

    Funny-quite a few people have looked at this page, yet no one has left a comment.
    My thought? I think people are looking to see what MPC’s brand actually is rather than leaving a message.

    It is a dedicated, heart filled work-a-holic that wants to see success in others through customizable, inovative & educational products.

    AGREE? or NOT? Let me hear you!!!

  2. lawless38 said

    MPC doesn’t really register outside of Idaho except maybe in government circles (which may be all it needs since the company is pretty much focused on that space anyways). From the very beginning, its seems the company has struggled with its identity and projecting its brand – Edge, MEI, Micron Electronics, MPC, MPCCorp…none of these really jump out to let me know what the company does? I think it has always been an issue with the company and still is in some respects.

  3. I learned at BSU in my Urbanization of Economics course, that we (taxpayers) pay 300K of MPC’s annual taxes because they threaten to leave the Treasure Valley. I also learned that 95% of Idaho’s pollution (Boise’s air quality is that of Las Vegas) comes from two corporations: Micron and Potlatch.

    It seems like they don’t care about the environment, the community, or even their online brand. How about a real domain name (they are only $10!), or WordPress theme that hasn’t been used on thousands of other websites? This further dilutes brand image.

    I’d say MPC’s brand/reputation is in terrible shape, and rightfully so.

  4. Jen Harris said

    Hi Josh-
    Thanks for your comments. I agree on the wordpress “image” & we are working on it. My job here has been to get MPC into the 2.0 world. One of the steps we have taken is doing a wordpress site to proove that a blog site can generate (in the end) better leads than a $200,000 banner ad and Google ad buy campaign. We are in the process of purchasing our sites, but thanks for the guidance.
    In reference to what you learned at BSU, we (MPC) have not affiliated with Micron for years, therefore I think the statement about taxes and the polution need to be researched a bit for an accurate statement. We do have an environmental policy that you can read (research if you will) at
    Granted, the letters do throw people off, but as Lawless38 stated MPC doesn’t necessarily register unless you are in the circles of state & local government, the Federal space or education (more heavily now since the aquisition of Gateway Pro last fall).
    I am now following you on Twitter and I saw the Channel 6 report last night. From one tree hugger to the next, good job.

  5. Michael Boss said

    If MPC were a person, we’d be at that angst-filled, “poised between childhood and adulthood” stage that all of us suffered through with varying degrees of success.

    Unlike people, however, companies aren’t generally accorded the patience to “find themselves” over a 20-year period. Ironic, when you consider that all a company is to begin with is a collection of people.

    Jen’s question occupies my waking thoughts for a good part of the day. I think the best experts on our “brand” at this point are our customers. What I’ve learned from their experiences is that our company is evolving from a supplier of affordable “boxes” that meet industry standards, backed with a strong reputation for service and support, to a company that focuses on figuring out solutions to IT challenges in organizations that don’t have the resources (human and/or financial) to purchase and deploy the Fortune 500 versions of those same solutions.

    With MPC no longer an acronym for anything (I blush to admit that during my first month here, I still lapsed into the habit of saying “Micron”), I like to think of the “M” in our name as standing for “Mid-Market”. I continue to listen to the experiences of our customers to determine just how valid that description is. In the meantime, it is the narrative foundation that I operate from in explaining us to the analyst and media communities, as well as guiding my editorial agenda as a content creator.

  6. Hi Jen,

    Apologies for the Micron/MPC misconception. So, MPC has no affiliation with Micron? (that would be great!) I think a good first start to solidifying you brand image would be to ditch the “MPC” name, which implies a relationship with Micron, in my opinion. And yes! Get a domain name and a real WordPress theme (if you need help let’s meet), especially if you are interested in you blog getting traction (best SEO in town). Also, what does “MPC” stand for then?

    I wish you could have followed me on Twitter before the KIVI show… I had been following you for some time beforehand. You would have seen that I’m active on many environment fronts besides just the hot springs. I’ve even gotten covered by National Geographic. I really didn’t appreciate you taking a shot at me in regard to plastic bags. The bags used are typically found as trash, and are recycled. Besides, dirty diapers (and other unmentionables) and broken glass are kinda tricky to clean out of the recycled bags… blech! People are so gross! The ultimate worst is finding trashed campsites miles away from roads… having to pack out trash for days is my least favorite.

    When you’ve hauled out truckloads of trash over the years, you tend to get a little jaded, please forgive me if I come off too harsh. But, instead of attacking me on the plastic bag front, why not stand behind me, for the sake of the environment? Here’s another good reason why we should stand together

    What does MPC (and this blog) do for the environment? Which is the reason why many have decided to call Idaho their “home”.

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