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A List of answers to the question “why social media/2.0”?

Posted by Jen Harris on July 8, 2008

If you are reading this, most likely your answer would be “how can your marketing mix not have social media?”
There are a lot of companies out there that don’t get “it”…”it” being how to use the new tools (blogs, podcasts, vidcasts, social media sites, linking, tagging, etc, etc, etc). 

My job has been to educate those on what social media is, what it does, show what value it has, explain new tools & how we can/should be using them…etc, etc, etc!  But the truth is, I have been doing this for two and a half years & some are just now getting wind that they “have to” have one of these components of new media in order to be taken seriously in the market anymore.  My job is to teach, guide & inform my Director of what I believe we should be doing & in turn, she has to explain it to her boss as to why we should be blogging. 

I admit it, that I can be a bit overwhealming when I get on a roll…it’s because I love making changes in a company that I know will have a positive result (aka: great ROI!).  So this list by Chris Brogan will explain a lot of the catch words that we use on a daily basis to those that are unfamiliar, but want to learn!


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A 2.0 Event That Actually Happened!

Posted by Jen Harris on July 3, 2008

So for the last 3 weeks I have been working on making Mike Boss’ WordPress blog site ready for NECC in San Antonio. 

There were 3 things we wanted the site to provide:
1.  A holding place for our Caricature portraits -via Flickr
2.  A brief Utterz (audio & picture) of the interview Mike had just completed w/one of four major education publications
3. A mp3 Podcast from the above mentioned interview (btw: love Twitter, but look out! Here comes Utterz!)

For those that know me (and my skill set) know that I am not a programmer by ANY stretch of the word.  But what I do know is the message that we need to project and that there are certain apps that talk to other apps & I know that those apps can help us make a great first (public) blog!  I don’t want to be one of those “failed” blogs that Jeremiah has talked about recently!  I don’t FAIL well.
It took some time to research the best options, routes of delivery, a lot of testing and a few rounds of training…but we did it!
Wendy polished it off beautifully with her HTML knowledge & as we were heading out to Taco Friday today (on a Thursday) we said the look of the site reflected Mike’s laid back personality!  Couldn’t ask for a better representation!

So big thank you’s to:
Angela Lewton for giving us the green light to do something way outside the box of “normal”…
Wendy Fox for the beautiful skin
Mike Troverfor trusting me on putting the caricatures on Flickr that would be displayed on a site that would generate “repeat customers”
and MIKE BOSSfor your beautiful vision of what New Media means to you & expressing it so eloquently next to me: the over excited, “over-enthusiastic”, 2.0 passionate gal!

Have a GREAT 4th of July & stay tuned for our next baby step!  🙂

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Tac will be the first to have a flying car

Posted by Jen Harris on June 13, 2008

My friend & former co-worker, Tac Anderson blows me away. When it comes to early adopters he is even beyond that title. If GM decides to open their truck plants back up to start building flying cars, Tac would be the first in line.

His latest posts he talks about FriendFeed and the multiple applications he uses to aggrigate all his conversations there.  Wow.  I am in awe of the technology that emerges every day so that we can all stay connected.  I can completly see the reason why forward thinking companies see understand the benefits of using new media tools to stay in contact with their customers.  In a downward, commodity-driven market the company that will emerge the winner will be the one with the best customer experience (notice I didn’t say service – that is toilet paper, we as consumers already expect superior service).  It is about releationships that are developed outside the 9-5 timeframe, you want to know someone as a human being, not just a customer. 

As for Tac’s flying car…by the time we all roll around to getting one he will have rocket shoes.

I challenge you to start with two communication tools outside a phone: a blog & a Twitter account.  Then we can let people like Tac rummage through discover the next best thing…and use what he used a year ago.

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Are we ever going to use this stuff?

Posted by Jen Harris on May 27, 2008

This is a post by the World Wide Media Director at HP, Scott Berg who answers a question that I receive a lot when in comes to New Media & the 2.0 world “are we ever going to use this stuff?”  The answer is simple, short & to the point…just my style!

The value of new media/social media/2.0…the internet in general is HUGE.  When companies realize that they HAVE to use this new technology, they might go kicking & screaming.  But after some education & insight, they will soon get it.


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