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6 Days, 11 1/2 Hours to launch!

Posted by Jen Harris on August 22, 2008

Wow, i can’t believe we are launching our MPC Community in less than a week!
At aproximently 3am on August 29th, the first of 4 email blasts will go out to the “5k”, the 5,000 current MPC Customers.  Wow.  Deep Breath!

Now that their is hope for a New Media/Social Media program at MPC, my next step is to really define who should blog for us internally, what their calendar should look like & how I should inforce motivate them to write a blog at least 1x/week.

But first, back to the finite details of the site.  So excited.


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A List of answers to the question “why social media/2.0”?

Posted by Jen Harris on July 8, 2008

If you are reading this, most likely your answer would be “how can your marketing mix not have social media?”
There are a lot of companies out there that don’t get “it”…”it” being how to use the new tools (blogs, podcasts, vidcasts, social media sites, linking, tagging, etc, etc, etc). 

My job has been to educate those on what social media is, what it does, show what value it has, explain new tools & how we can/should be using them…etc, etc, etc!  But the truth is, I have been doing this for two and a half years & some are just now getting wind that they “have to” have one of these components of new media in order to be taken seriously in the market anymore.  My job is to teach, guide & inform my Director of what I believe we should be doing & in turn, she has to explain it to her boss as to why we should be blogging. 

I admit it, that I can be a bit overwhealming when I get on a roll…it’s because I love making changes in a company that I know will have a positive result (aka: great ROI!).  So this list by Chris Brogan will explain a lot of the catch words that we use on a daily basis to those that are unfamiliar, but want to learn!

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Project on hold

Posted by Jen Harris on June 27, 2008

Just wanted to post out there that the Lithium project is on hold.  I have been told until January 2009, but you never know, someone might bring it back to life next month.

We have other “2.0” tools happening, more in the form of new PR strategy, which seem to be getting really great feedback.  Hopefully we can expand on that success & get MPC more “social” on the web.

Social Media is not a trend & it is vital for a company…just as email is today.  I hope that there will be enough outside education on this subject with-in the decision makers spheres (not just me) which will lead to a sense of urgency to get back on track.


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Social Media in Plain English.

Posted by Jen Harris on June 23, 2008

This is a GREAT little video by Common Craft who state that Social Media is as easy to understand as ice cream.

Check it out here.

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