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6 Days, 11 1/2 Hours to launch!

Posted by Jen Harris on August 22, 2008

Wow, i can’t believe we are launching our MPC Community in less than a week!
At aproximently 3am on August 29th, the first of 4 email blasts will go out to the “5k”, the 5,000 current MPC Customers.  Wow.  Deep Breath!

Now that their is hope for a New Media/Social Media program at MPC, my next step is to really define who should blog for us internally, what their calendar should look like & how I should inforce motivate them to write a blog at least 1x/week.

But first, back to the finite details of the site.  So excited.


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MPC Community to LAUNCH!!!!

Posted by Jen Harris on August 20, 2008

We are in shock & awe!  We are actually going to launch our new community to 5000 of our customers starting August 29th through September 1st.

Ali has been spearheading the training to all the sales teams & individuals with great success.   Of course there are always the typical comments of “it is just bad timing” & “I don’t want my customers talking to each other, they might say bad things!”  Well, if they are saying bad things, it is probably already happening, people don’t tend to bottle up issues like that.  We will now have a place to hear the conversations & act on them when needed.  I loved what Angela said yesterday…”it is time to knock down the walls & start communicating with our customers in a way that has never been done before at MPC.” 

Considering we are the last computer manufacturer to launch a community site, we are positive & hopeful of the success of the site.  Customers have been asking for one for almost 3 years now & the fact that we can finally deliver this to them with enthusiasm, I feel very confident in saying this is going to be a great moment in MPC history.

whoo hoooo!

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MPC Community Update

Posted by Jen Harris on May 22, 2008

Well our site is 89% there!  We need to launch it internally first (goal: Friday 5/23/08) tweak it, mold it, learn it & then we would like to release it to our initial test group of customers by the end of June.

The site is very “thin”, as per the suggestion of Lithium.  I initially had it stacked w/layers of categories, threads & questions to get the customer “started”…but they said the best model is to have it very raw and let it take it’s direction from the users, the customers.

I am very anxious for the educational opportunities internally to help spread the Social Media love with an actual example!  My last education on the site (see link to I had some great response & enthusiasm mostly from the folder of “it’s about time”.  🙂


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Deadllines & Timelines

Posted by Jen Harris on April 3, 2008

I love timelines, deadlines & the persuit of an end project (notice I didn’t say the “G” word…more on my aversion to that word later).

I understand hick-ups happen & we can easily adjust.  Angela & I have both agreed that we are in love with the proocess, not the timeline.  (ok, she never said “love”, that would just be me).

Our timeline to launch our community is off by about 10 days…but we are ok with that.  We really want to make sure that everyone is informed & educated as to what we are doing & how/why this customer community is going to work. Everyone is getting educated and will be educated again before we launch to our selected customers (our 5K).

No worries, no fretting…we want to make this right.  I love and thrive on deadlines (I actually do my best work when pressured with time…hellooooo my fellow adult ADD firends!)

Will keep you posted!

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