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The “Who Is MPC” Question

Posted by Jen Harris on July 31, 2008

So, who is MPC?  What is MPC?  You’re in Nampa?

I get these questions all the time from fellow Treasure Valley (aka: Boise area) friends along with, “what does MPC stand for” and “that’s Micron right?” 

We are going through changes so we are figuring this all out too.  Our Media Relations expert Michael Boss commented to a fellow Treasure Valley resident’s comment HERE on my page asking “What is MPC’s Brand?”  He starts the post like this:

If MPC were a person, we’d be at that angst-filled, “poised between childhood and adulthood” stage that all of us suffered through with varying degrees of success.

Enjoy the banter…and by the way, a good sense of humor is always needed.  🙂


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Tac will be the first to have a flying car

Posted by Jen Harris on June 13, 2008

My friend & former co-worker, Tac Anderson blows me away. When it comes to early adopters he is even beyond that title. If GM decides to open their truck plants back up to start building flying cars, Tac would be the first in line.

His latest posts he talks about FriendFeed and the multiple applications he uses to aggrigate all his conversations there.  Wow.  I am in awe of the technology that emerges every day so that we can all stay connected.  I can completly see the reason why forward thinking companies see understand the benefits of using new media tools to stay in contact with their customers.  In a downward, commodity-driven market the company that will emerge the winner will be the one with the best customer experience (notice I didn’t say service – that is toilet paper, we as consumers already expect superior service).  It is about releationships that are developed outside the 9-5 timeframe, you want to know someone as a human being, not just a customer. 

As for Tac’s flying car…by the time we all roll around to getting one he will have rocket shoes.

I challenge you to start with two communication tools outside a phone: a blog & a Twitter account.  Then we can let people like Tac rummage through discover the next best thing…and use what he used a year ago.

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IN vs. AT Marketing

Posted by Jen Harris on April 14, 2008

Michael Brito wrote a great post that talks about On LIne marketing changing a bit…

IN vs. AT Marketing

IN marketing is participating in conversations that costs a company time which will have long tail results.  Consumers will believe someone (a friend, collegue, a fellow community memeber) more than an ad…if feels more real, more trustworthy, more of a value to use someone/something that is recommended.

AT marketing is still trying to interrupt the consumer through banner ads, buying ad words etc.  I will go to AT marketing if I hear from a “friend” that there is good & valuable information at that particular online location. 

Your thoughts on IN vs AT Marketing?

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Corporate Blogging Rules

Posted by Jen Harris on March 18, 2008

This is such a great topic right now w/in the circles of companies engaging in social media.
For us, blogging will be part of our Lithium site & it will, for now, be by invite only.

But what are the rules?  Are there rules?  Who writes the rules?

I have listened to quite a few experts in the realm of social communities and when it comes down to rules of bloggging (not the philosopy of what the end user wants to read) this is what it comes down to.
Let’s be professional adults and don’t say stupid stuff.  🙂  You are representing MPC & should act it whether you are sitting at your desk or blogging about it.

1.  Don’t blog about something you are privy to (upcoming products, organizaional structure changes – good or bad)
2.  Don’t talk about other companies unless you have permission to do so & when/if you do, those facts are correct.
3.  Be courtious & Professional:   if you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all.
4.  If you think you will get fired for saying it, you probably will.

Our lawyer is actually writing something up stating these items (luckily not in Jen speak 🙂 ) which will give our bloggers the freedom to write in their own voice, but also make sure that everyone knows the rules.

Now what about personal blogs?  General rule of thumb: if you think you might get in trouble saying it at a party or to ONE friend because it might get back to the person who hands you a check 2x/month, then don’t say it!  Be smart about the power of the web and of course:: be kind.  🙂

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