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My New Marketing Mantra

Posted by Jen Harris on September 8, 2008

I feel as though I have a new marketing mantra every week.
Last weeks was: “Successful brands start with a conversation.  From there good relationships are built that produce more transactions.” Not sure who wrote it, but THANK YOU whoever did.  This is kind of a no-brainer statement, but the idea is to take these conversations and harness them on a SM, NM platform that can be used by our sales force.  It will take a while for a little idea to bubble up, but we are gaining ground on the importance of SM & how it can REALLY work in business & if we are the last ones to start using it…we will once again be playing catch up.  Baby-steps, Baby-steps, Baby-steps,

Steven Stark wrote a short article that talks about the success Target had when they brought in Bob Thacker.  Steven points to the following 5 items that state why he is a dream client & that these atributes will follow him well now that he is working with Office Max.  I am applying my comments based on my 10 month experience here at MPC Computers & my road to educating, implementing & driving toward a New Media marketing integration plan.

  • Thinking big is the only way to get big – not just: all the big guys are doing it…but what are they NOT doing that makes sense to the general public.  Be big in the sense that you want to be THE right choice for THE right consumer
  • Marketing builds over time – that ad campaign is great, but if it is only you and your company that really sees it & it is gone faster than it took to create it…don’t complain, you signed up for it.  When you hire your New Media specialist, know that this person will help create items that are more productive to your employees, more meaningful to your clients & will be more beneficial in the end.
  • Stories define a brand – really, enough said.
  • Surprise and delight are essential – we all love Christmas morning as kids, why wouldn’t your clients?  And NO, I am not talking about a gift basket.
  • No Risk = No Reward – This is a tough one for corporations to embrace.  Change is difficult, risk is difficult…and YES, you might have a dip in customer experience while making the change, but the small dip will undoubtly result in a hefty reward.
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