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The “Who Is MPC” Question

Posted by Jen Harris on July 31, 2008

So, who is MPC?  What is MPC?  You’re in Nampa?

I get these questions all the time from fellow Treasure Valley (aka: Boise area) friends along with, “what does MPC stand for” and “that’s Micron right?” 

We are going through changes so we are figuring this all out too.  Our Media Relations expert Michael Boss commented to a fellow Treasure Valley resident’s comment HERE on my page asking “What is MPC’s Brand?”  He starts the post like this:

If MPC were a person, we’d be at that angst-filled, “poised between childhood and adulthood” stage that all of us suffered through with varying degrees of success.

Enjoy the banter…and by the way, a good sense of humor is always needed.  🙂


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