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Are we ever going to use this stuff?

Posted by Jen Harris on May 27, 2008

This is a post by the World Wide Media Director at HP, Scott Berg who answers a question that I receive a lot when in comes to New Media & the 2.0 world “are we ever going to use this stuff?”  The answer is simple, short & to the point…just my style!

The value of new media/social media/2.0…the internet in general is HUGE.  When companies realize that they HAVE to use this new technology, they might go kicking & screaming.  But after some education & insight, they will soon get it.



3 Responses to “Are we ever going to use this stuff?”

  1. lgeis said

    Jen-I’m an ultimate niche company…I have perhaps 40 customers in Idaho and no more than 50 nationwide. For such a small “universe” of customers who access my website regularly (I can even route them through a blog posting to FTP their images), the “social” aspect is invaluable! You bet we’re going to “use this” (re social media)…at least at my level.

    And incidentally, before anyone dismisses my experience, my customers include folks like Disney, NFL Films, the PGA, etc. They are people, and they like working “sociably.”


  2. Jen Harris said

    I think it’s great that you are using Social Media in your business & that your clients “get it” as well!
    I love using “this stuff”…see you on Twitter!

  3. Rachel said

    The answer is simple…YES! Below is a link to an article about an American student who free’d himself, after being arrested in another country, simply by using Twitter.

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