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The ROI of New Media

Posted by Jen Harris on April 11, 2008

Shall I dare say…it doesn’t exist?

It’s just not as concrete as your traditional marketer would say while pitching you “over 10,000 cars will drive by and see YOUR billboard” or “we have a circulation of 400,000 readers”…

It’s about starting conversations, participating in conversations, linking your conversations to other RELEVANT converstations…and most important…is being relevant in these conversations.  You have to participate, engage dialog.  If you participate in order to “push” your information out there, you might as well have bought that billboard for 6 months.

Ross Mayfield wrote a great blog talking about how you can’t do the same type of marketing with social media as traditional marketers have done for years. 



3 Responses to “The ROI of New Media”

  1. Jim Thomssen said

    It comes back to pelationships – An old school idea that was shoved aside for lack of “measurables”. If you can get past professional aquantances to partner level you will make s sales that stick.

  2. Jen Harris said

    Thanks Jim for the comment.
    What is great about New Media is that “partner level” is achieved quicker (and can be just as valuable) than it ever has been before due to the access of the connections…ie: you can talk/network 24/7, unlike before it was at real life gatherings where you might or might not get that 1:1 time w/certain partner level peers.
    Hope all is well!

  3. lgeis said

    Forgive my dissent. Perhaps it’s because I’m involved in such a small niche, but I’m harvesting some direct benefits of New Media…long and roundabout story why (at least, according to my opinion).

    I’m not just waiting for the FCC and various manufacturers to adopt the latest generations of Flash/Flash Lite (API products), picking up BREW and so on. We’re full speed ahead and our customers are anxious for it, so they’re adopting us now in anticipation.

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