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Top 10 Reasons Why I Like My Job

Posted by Jen Harris on April 7, 2008

10.  I have support from inside…at least NOW I do. 
New Media is a difficult pill to swallow.  Some people thought my job was to blog all day, but after education and some good 1:1 time, people get it as to what we are doing.

9.  I have support from my geek buddies, always.
We are always in such a state of change, that if you miss something, you know for sure that you will learn it from someone else via your reader, twitter, blog, IM or the old fashion email.

8. I love learning & applying
Along w/continuing with the MPC Community launch I am working on a corporate blogging plan and a Twitter advocacy campaign (it’s amazing, I am a rookie, but learning more every day). 
I love taking it all in, flip it into my words & teaching others the importance of 2.0 tools.

7.  The “about time” syndrome
After educating on the Community project, I have levels of enthusiasm…most of them being “it’s about time” and “we can’t wait”.  Very gratifying.

6.  I have my own desk
Yes, I do miss the coffee shop days of plopping down at a Moxie, chugging down a few 20 oz’rs & getting “work” done…but honestly, I get more work done when not distracted (hello ADD friends) by shiny objects in the room.  🙂

5. Free Coffee
I mentioned this one in my Working Mother blog…how can you go wrong with a company that offers means to get your work done at break-neck speed (that is my speed after at least 3 cups of my ghetto mocha).

4.  My boss is a closet tree hugger
At least this is my impression.  We haven’t had much time 1:1 outside of work…but the gal wants to open up a 100% organic vegan restaurant…love that (even though I am a self proclaimed organic carnivour).

3.  The Go-To-Gal
I love being the go-to-gal on how to approach 2.0.  I don’t consider myself an “expert”, but I know enough to make change, make results & keep the fires burning.

2.  Baby Steps are turning into toddler steps
As in reason #7, people are excited.  With New Media I am finding that the more you educate the more people want to learn & learn faster. 
For example: I have been talking Twitter for about 5 weeks now and how we can use it to our advantage to join the conversation with the industry analysits.  The idea is gaining momentum faster than I thought & I hope to have our PR guru set up w/in the next week!…or 2.  🙂

1.  Trust
I want to be trusted with my 2.0 knowledge & how we should apply that to marketing strategies.  I know that people didn’t trust what I was doing for a while, mostly because they didn’t trust/know/understand 2.0…and I am ok w/that.  Now I KNOW that I have to earn trust of the nay-sayers through education.

What is your top 2 reasons for liking your job?



4 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why I Like My Job”

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