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Guerrilla vs. WOM Marketing

Posted by Jen Harris on April 1, 2008

I stumbled upon a blogsite that had a list of top guerrilla marketing tactics (that went along with his book).  Some ideas were good (like an e-book), but some just sink right down there w/the guy on the street wearing a sandwich board or carrying a big arrow pointing to the discount pizza from 3-5pm on every other Tuesday.

Any more, guerrilla marketing is just part of the noise that people are blocking out (TiVo anyone?).  Don’t try to trick me into thinking that you have a good product, let me hear about it from my friends, trusted advisors and  influencers (aka: word of mouth).  If you have a good product/service, the tactics you will be using to gain new clients will be based off of your current clients and the tools you give them to spread the your word.


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