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Timeline of Community Adoption

Posted by Jen Harris on March 18, 2008

There has been quite a bit of educating the past two weeks and I am thrilled to say that people are “getting it”. 
The education train has stopped at quite a few doorsteps with great feedback.  Yes, there are still a few that are uneasy about being “out there”, but that is understandable & what is even better is that it is not me telling the few why we should be out there, it is their peers, which makes adoption that much easier. 
Quite a few people have expressed “it’s about time” which is great for future steps into the world of 2.0…I know who to go to now to get others excited about adopting the next medium of online communication!
The MPC Community Education timeline: I would like to have the entire company educated by Friday, April 4th.  This has been pushed out a week, which is ok.  I don’t want to rush this process.  Making baby steps (w/hand holding for some, a bit of gentle nudging for others) has been the right way to approach this project.  Yes, my brain swims w/ideas and thoughts of where we should be “at”…but I am learning patience along w/continious education, training & being open & available at all times for questions has been the best form of acceptance into the world of 2.0.
Looking forward to the next phase!


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