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Community Topics

Posted by Jen Harris on February 7, 2008

This is SO exciting!  Angela & I sat down yesterday & came up w/four topics to start out on our community site.  Yes, these might change, evolve or be completly flat (which I highly doubt) but it is a start for our soft launch.  Remember we are targeting our customers that consist of individuals from our Advisory Board Members, Platnum & Gold members, k-12, Higher Ed, Pro division etc. from both MPC & the newly aquired Pro division of Gateway.

There will be many sub-topics under each one…that you will help build & create.
Tell us what you think!

Environmental Standards
Professional Development

Look forward to the comments!


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Toe Dipping into 2.0

Posted by Jen Harris on February 6, 2008

Working for MPC I have brought with me my passion for marketing in the 2.0 world…which I truly believe can be integrated w/traditional marketing AS LONG as the messaging is consistant, not cheesy, smart, transparent & real (not too much to ask for, right?)

This is where companies miss the boat.  You just can’t dibble here and dabble there & expect instant results.  It is a build-up of generating community, trust & loyality with your customers (and your employees too!) then giving them MORE tools to assist you, the marketer, in spreading the word. 

Right now I am doing a lot of educating on why the marketing strategy has to include new media and what tools we should be using to get our message out.  I am also educating on the spirt of new media & how it is up to us to give our customers the right message for them to distribute in this new 2.0 world.  This is my biggest challenge, the consultant in my wants every aspect of marketing at MPC to have a 2.0 plan/focus…and it doesn’t…not yet. 🙂

What I know is that I have to focus on what I am doing & PLAN for the future.

I have this drive that wants to do a half nelson w/a tripple flip into the pool & change the world…yet, I am in the kiddie pool.  Right now the company is just learning how to dip their big toe in & get wet with the ongoing production of our community site.  I am looking forward to the day where I can be a trusted advisor on multiple projects & help decide what the best media mix & message can be for our customers to help spread the word…and of course help increase the bottom line.  (Im not a fool, I understand why I get a paycheck 2x/month 🙂 )

In conclusion: there is a balance of new & traditional media that companies should incorporate into their media mix.  Toe dipping is a good way to get started & build trust…but eventually the high dive will call.

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