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Pre-Pre Kick Off with Lithium

Posted by Jen Harris on January 17, 2008

My excitement for this project is just running over!  I am SO excited to be part of a project that is going to have an end result.

My previous employment was as a marketing consultant & project manager for companies that wanted to step into this “new media, social media, blog thing” world.

The difference between being a consultant & being on the “inside” driving a project, is like night & day.  I could endulge SO much more on this, but if anyone has ever been a consultant or hired a consultant…I think you get it.

One of my first project is to increase the number of users that we are going to launch to.  We have 40-50 Advisory Board Members that have been asking for this type of community for a while, so we are excited for their excitement…but we have been told that we need more (as Dave said…”not a red flag, just a pink one”).

So my mission is to gather lists of our other top customers & introduce them not only to this site, but to the whole social media, community concept of communication as a marketing tool.

I welcome feedback & questions…so ask away!  And be sure to do it through this site so everyone can be educated as well!


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