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Wine, Vid-Casts & Social Media…oh my!

Posted by Jen Harris on January 25, 2008

Jeremiah Owyang sits down with BuzzLogic to discuss Social Media with examples of how companies SHOULD be using their marketing dollars online to reach their audience.

Go to the vid-cast HERE.

Happy Thursday!


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Pre-Pre Kick Off with Lithium

Posted by Jen Harris on January 17, 2008

My excitement for this project is just running over!  I am SO excited to be part of a project that is going to have an end result.

My previous employment was as a marketing consultant & project manager for companies that wanted to step into this “new media, social media, blog thing” world.

The difference between being a consultant & being on the “inside” driving a project, is like night & day.  I could endulge SO much more on this, but if anyone has ever been a consultant or hired a consultant…I think you get it.

One of my first project is to increase the number of users that we are going to launch to.  We have 40-50 Advisory Board Members that have been asking for this type of community for a while, so we are excited for their excitement…but we have been told that we need more (as Dave said…”not a red flag, just a pink one”).

So my mission is to gather lists of our other top customers & introduce them not only to this site, but to the whole social media, community concept of communication as a marketing tool.

I welcome feedback & questions…so ask away!  And be sure to do it through this site so everyone can be educated as well!

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Corporate Social Media

Posted by Jen Harris on January 16, 2008

This is a Great video with Marcia Kadaroff on the 5 things EVERY COMPANY  should be implementing into their marketing plan. 

Are we going to drop all traditional advertising? No, silly…but this is what you HAVE to do nowadays in order to be relevant in the market place whether you are selling computers, widgets or computer accessories like Logitech. (visit their forum site…love it!).

We, as consumers, feel connected, powerful and valuable to a product or service if we have a hand in it somehow: contributing, seeing feedback based on our suggestion, seeing change based on our suggestion, helping others w/our expertise, or just seeing our name “out there”…so why are companies dragging their feet to offer the same to their companies?  This is a long conversation.  Next time!

This “ownership” creates EVANGELISTS!  How much more powerful is a suggestion from a peer (even when their name is REDNOSESPITBALL)?

My goal with our Lithium project?  I want to create MPC evangelists.

Follow along!


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Google Yourself

Posted by Jen Harris on January 2, 2008

One of my favorite bloggers & web 2.0 guru’s is Seth Goden, he is a plethera of knowledge!  If you have any responsibility what so ever in the marketing of your company (which we all do – don’t we Seth?) and not reading his books &  his blogs, you are way behind! 

Here is a great “todo” for 1.2.08 from Seth: Google Yourself!
My result? My LinkedIn Page…and if I digged a bit more…my college volleyball records.

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