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SlideShare Info

Posted by Jen Harris on December 19, 2007

This is actually a slide show from (which is very cool by the way).
It is a slide show by Roo Reynolds who is a Metaverse Evangelist for IBM.
He talks about the future & what should be “the now” of business social networking & how employees are a critical part of the solution.
Check it out HERE. (click on “download now” when you get to site)




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Welcome Jennifer

Posted by alewton on December 11, 2007

The MPC Corporate marketing team would like to welcome Jennifer Harris! We are excited to have a new member of the team that will develop our customer communities and lead us through the transition of 1.0 to 2.0 marketing. Welcome Jennifer!

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Day One…

Posted by Jen Harris on December 10, 2007

As the newest addition to MPC Corp’s marketing department, I bring quite a different background than your “traditional” marketer.
I was part owner in a grassroots marketing company based here in Boise that helps companies increase their word of mouth organically & through web 2.0.
My job here is to help with the ever increasing demand of offering a community site for vendors and members to communicate, collaborate and share content.

Goal: to grow MPC’s community site into a successful marketing tool.

Step 1: blog about it!
Step 2: research, research, research…and then blog about it.
Step 3: we will see tomorrow.

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